Pipe Relining

Pipe relining Solutions in Edgecliff

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Many Australian homes use vitrified clay pipes (VCP) for their sewage systems. VCP is made of clay and shale which is subjected to high temperatures so it can become a sturdy ceramic pipe. This type of pipe is preferred for sewers because of its long life and resistance to domestic and industrial sewage. VCP is also environmentally friendly.
Even with these benefits, VCP is not immune to wear and tear due to usage, environmental forces and age. Eventually, there will be cracks and some parts will break. What property owners have to do is call on professionals to assess the situation.

Traditionally, professionals would advise pipe replacement. This has been the practice for decades and is accepted by many. While it is effective, the problem is with the hassle and financial obligations.

About Pipe Relining

In the past, homeowners did not have any choice really but to excavate and replace the pipes. Then, a revolutionary process was created which is gaining popularity among Australian homeowners – pipe relining.
This process entails fitting a pipe with a smaller diameter into the bigger damaged pipe. This option lessens the potential disruptions and costs associated with traditional pipe repair methods. This can be used for pipes which are as small as four inches in diameter to ones five feet in diameter.

The Pipe Relining Steps

Professional pipe relining professionals will perform the following steps:
✓ Partial cleaning of the affected pipe with the use of a high pressure water jetter.
✓ After the partial cleaning, the next step is the video inspection. This will determine whether pipe relining is a suitable option for your problem.
✓ When an agreement is reached to go with pipe relining, another round of cleaning to thoroughly remove the obstructions in the pipes takes place.
✓ The next step is inserting an epoxy-coated tube or pipe liner.
✓ This pipe liner will then be inflated using an inflating device so the epoxy can attach to the damaged pipes.
✓ The resin will be allowed to cure for a short while, often with the aid of steam.
✓ Once the resin has set, another video inspection is done for quality control.

Pipe Relining Benefits

Pipe relining has many great benefits that property owners can enjoy, such as the following:
– Cost-effectiveness. Less labour hours are needed and there is no need to pay for more materials. Since the process also does not involve digging, there is no need to pay for landscaping repairs.
– Less hassle. Pipe relining cuts out the hassle of messy excavations.
– Time efficiency. Pipe relining is a process that is often done in a span of just a few hours.
– Durability. The resin is so sturdy that it can protect the pipes from further root intrusion and also lasts for half a century.

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