Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing Emergency

Got a plumbing emergency? Set your mind at rest. At Plumber Edgecliff, we ensure the delivery of quality plumbing service at an affordable price. Our emergency plumbers are well-equipped and highly trained to address several plumbing emergencies including:

  • Blocked drains
  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Hot water issues

Why Plumber Edgecliff?

  • We will respond to your concern within an hour anywhere in Edgecliff
  • Same day service
  • We offer FREE plumbing inspection
  • Our emergency plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

For instant service, call us now on 0432 003 365 and get rewarded with exclusive DISCOUNTS!

Plumbing Emergency in Edgecliff


Karl and Susan were retired and they had decided to move interstate. They loved their home at Edgecliff but it was getting too large for them. The kids had left and started their own families so it was time to move on. They would miss their friends and neighbours, but this was a move they had talked about for years.

The Real Estate agent had taken photos and organised advertising of the house. They had been working hard to clean it up and do a few small repairs ready for the sale. Karl painted a couple of rooms to freshen them up while Susan sorted through the cupboards finding all sorts of junk that she never used and bundled up to give to the local Op-Shop.

The Real Estate agent arrived with signs that he wanted to place in the front yard to start advertising the property on street level. He brought a large ‘For Sale’ sign and wanted to place it in the front yard. He agreed on a suitable spot with Karl and Susan and started to drive the steel spike into the ground.

As he was hammering the steel spike into the ground he felt a bit of resistance. It was almost there, one more blow should do it. As he struck the spike one last time he felt it punch through the ground. What he hadn’t yet realised he had punched it straight through a water pipe for the garden tap.

As he attached the sign to the steel spike he realised what he had done. He quickly called his Manager and received permission to call the Neighbourhood Plumber to come out and repair the pipe he had ruptured with the steel spike.

The plumber attended and was able to repair the pipe with little fuss. The Real Estate Agent was glad he was able to explain what happened to the owners and how the Edgecliff plumber had repaired the issue now and of course his office would be paying the bill.

If you have an Edgecliff Plumbing Emergency, call a plumber you can trust for prompt reliable service on 0432 003 365.

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Simple Plumbing Jobs You Can Do on Your Own

Each house includes a pipe framework and then us all aware that eventually, we’re going to produce a trouble with it. What should you do? Call a handyman and assign a tremendous fat check? Obviously not! With today’s economy unpleasant economy, which is the complete opposite thing you should do.

Basic steps for Fixing Leaky Toilets

Nobody wishes to hear the dripping water at night in their bathroom and that’s why when hear such sounds in their toilets, they attempt to repair the issue right after they discover the problems. However, fixing leaky toilets without having proper planning is not really recommended so we suggest you to definitely follow these suggestions to recover originate from your fixing.

Emergency Blocked Drains Clearance

Giving aid to ease you against the obstructing issues! Yes, that’s the stuff that we’ve been in charge of! The Emergency drain clearance is appropriate here to manage your pipe needs. At our house there can be circumstance once the channels have blocked, which turns into vital to get determined immediately.

Cheap and Easy Solution To A Leaky Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing services can be very expensive for many homeowners, especially when some may be needing emergency services. Though difficult to get a plumber for this kind of core, it could be prudent of yourself to think about the matter of costs aside from the plumbing services. This could be of great use within this tough economic times so that the need to understand of Cheap & Easy Solution To A Leaky emergency plumbing.

Why You Need a Good Emergency Plumber

In cases where that you are terrible enough to stay in a circumstance in which you need to make contact with an emergency plumber being an aftereffect of any broken funnel, water release, broken toilet, blocked channel, broken boiling point water system, and so on, you really want to make the moves to confirm that you are using the administrations of the encountered and expert plumber.