Blocked Drains

Blocked Drain in Edgecliff

As a leading provider of drain clearing services in Sydney, we ensure to deliver high quality services quickly and professionally. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and highly trained to solve all of your blocked drain problems.

What are the main causes of blocked drains?

  • Tree roots head toward water sources cracking pipes, leading to complete blockage
  • Grease and fat can solidify and attach to the wall of the drain pipes
  • Dead leaves and other debris can clump together causing blocked drains
  • Foreign objects dropped down into the drains can also cause blockage

What are some of the drain clearing equipment and supplies used by the Blocked Drain Specialists?

  • High strength acid
  • Water jet drain cleaner
  • Electric Eel drain clearing equipment
  • RootX, a foaming pipeline root control product
  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent

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Edgecliff Blocked drain

Paul was running late for a meeting with an important client. He had been working on a project for several months and the client was getting frustrated at the slow progress. He was ready to give his final presentation and assure the client that his company was reliable and could deliver the project on time.

He jumped in the shower and flicked on the radio to get a traffic report around Edgecliff. The bridge is all clear the announcer said, awesome Paul thought. He was halfway through his shower when he noticed that the floor waste was no longer draining and the water was building up in the floor of the shower.

He was concerned that the water was slowly rising the longer he was in the shower. He hurriedly washed himself off and turned off the shower. As he towelled himself dry the water was still not draining. He had not time to waste he would have to deal with this later.

He didn’t have time for breakfast so he grabbed a coffee on the way to the meeting. As he was driving to the meeting the called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Edgecliff, lucky he had the number on speed dial as he was so happy with the services he provided last time.

He organised for the plumber to meet him at his unit in Edgecliff in the afternoon after his morning meeting had finished.

He arrived home after smoothing over relations with his client and the plumber arrived not long afterwards. The plumber checked the shower drain and plunged it free. He removed hair and debris from the drain and applied some industrial strength drain acid that would clear any other blockages in the pipe.

While the plumber was there he also repaired the running toilet that kept refilling itself wasting water and money all day long while Paul was at work.

If you have a leaking toilet, blocked drain or any other plumbing issues call us on 0432 003 365 Plumber Edgecliff for prompt, professional service.

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