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Plumber Edgecliff Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Paul was running late for a meeting with an important client. He had been working on a project for several months and the client was getting frustrated at the slow progress…
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Plumber Edgecliff Hot Water

Hot Water

The sun was shining and there were no clouds in the most beautiful of Edgecliff Spring mornings. You could feel the air warming up and you knew Summer was on the way….
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Plumber Edgecliff Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

Karl and Susan were retired and they had decided to move interstate. They loved their home at Edgecliff but it was getting too large for them….
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Plumber Edgecliff Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

A revolutionary process was created which is gaining popularity among Australian homeowners – pipe relining.
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Plumber Edgecliff

Plumber Edgecliff

Plumber Edgecliff

Plumber Edgecliff

Plumber Edgecliff

Plumber Edgecliff

Plumber Edgecliff

Our plumbers are trained in a wide variety of plumbing needs and do a whole lot more than change tap washers. Our services include;

Old taps sets repaired or replaced

Rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced

Blocked drains in your bathroom, kitchen or external drains cleared, repaired or re-run

Leaking water pipes repaired or replaced

Damaged toilets repaired or replaced

Hot water systems, repaired, replaced or upgraded

We are qualified gas fitters and can install or repair gas lines

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About Edgecliff

Plumber Edgecliff Trivia

Edgecliff, the suburb envied by many because of its magnificent view of the harbour and the close proximity to the city. Due to the location of Edgecliff it has been a sought after location to build homes since the mid 1800’s. While driving around our suburb, you will notice examples of grand Victorian Terraces and renovated workers’ cottages, a range of larger, older style apartments and luxurious townhouses. These older buildings can often hide secrets like old plumbing fixtures that have outlived their usage and may be causing problems in your home.
A reduction in water pressure could be the result of galvanised steel pipes being widely used in residential plumbing in most homes built before the 1970’s. The galvanised steel pipe has an expected life span of about 40 – 50 years and will eventually need to be replaced. One of the problems with galvanized steel pipe is it corrodes from inside causing a decrease in water flow. The pipe gets smaller and smaller as the pipe corrodes from the inside eventually blocking the water supply.
What do you do if your house has galvanised pipe installed? Call Plumber Edgecliff, not only will we inspect your pipes we can rerun them in PVC to ensure you have free flowing clean drinking water again.

Plumber Edgecliff helps a teenager with a lawn mowing accident...

Charlie was your typical teenage boy, loved his music, hated cleaning his room and loathed mowing the lawn. His parents talked about responsibility and taking ownership of your life and choices, but all he cared about was enjoying the summer break from school.

His parents had left early for work as usual and had talked about going away for the weekend. Charlie was looking forward to surfing up the coast. The only thing they asked that he mow the lawns and take the bins out. Charlie reluctantly dragged out the lawn mower and whipper snipper, put on his sunglasses, plugged in his iphone turned up the music and started the edges.

Even though he exhibited the behaviour of the lazy teenager, Charlie took pride in his work and respected his parents so he always tried his best. With the edges done, Charlie took a huge drink of water and then started up the lawn mower.

He was making really good progress but it was getting very hot as it approached midday. He emptied the catcher and thought one more trip should do it then I can go for a swim. He tipped the clippings into the green bin then started the mower ready for the last patches of lawn.

Sweat dripped down his forehead, the lawn was almost finished when out of nowhere a bird swooped down right at him and as he ducked he ran into the garden tap snapping it in two. Water sprayed all over him and he started to panic. He quickly turned to his iphone and searched for a plumber in Edgecliff.

He found Your Neighbourhood plumber and told him what had happened. The plumber explained how to turn the water off at the mains until he could arrive. Charlie packed the lawn mower away while he anxiously awaited the plumber.

Once the plumber arrived, he quickly repaired the garden tap and reassured Charlie that accidents like this are more common than people will admit to. Charlie paid for the work himself as he figured it was his fault so he could show his parents that he took full ownership of the situation.

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